Peter Buckley will lead a ‘dream team’ for a poster session to be held at the EIBA 2015 conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 2015.

Would you like to get expert advice about your research project by Peter Buckley and/or Tamer Cavusgil and/or Pervez Ghauri?

This is the ‘dream team’ that Peter Buckley has gathered together to provide face-to-face feedback to the participants of the poster session. Thus, in Rio there will be a double benefit for participants at this poster session:

  • First, they will receive an assessment of their work by two EIBA 2015 reviewers.
  • Then, if their paper is accepted, they will have the benefit of discussing their research face-to-face with some of the most prominent IB researchers.

Do take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity by submitting an extended abstract for this poster session by the EIBA 2015 submission deadline!

For detailed information on how to submit to a Poster session, please click here.

EIBA 2015 Submission Deadline: April 30, 2015.