Some of the most prominent IB scholars have been to Rio de Janeiro. Here are their impressions:

“EIBA at PUC in Rio de Janeiro promises be a wonderful academic and cultural experience. The environment and atmosphere of PUC-Rio is certainly nothing that can be seen in Europe; rainforest, streams and exotic birds as you move between the different houses and facilities on campus. Rio de Janeiro is the only city I’ve been to where the most known touristic attractions are really worth seeing, not just a ‘tick in the box’ for having been there. The setting of city, beach and food blended with the well-known qualities of the EIBA conference, experienced scholars, constructive ambiance and good fun will make a fantastic happening in December 2015. Don’t miss the chance to see football, dance samba and the possibility to meet and interact with some of the nicest people in the world.”

Ulf Andersson
Mälardalen University, Sweden & BI Norwegian Business School, Norway
Area Editor, Journal of International Business Studies

“The annual EIBA conference is your fast track entry into the European IB community. In 2015, the conference moves outside the European continent in order to tie together European and Latin American IB scholars. The site for this encounter is the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) – a wonderful city campus in the Cidade Maravilhosa (Wonderful City). As a European, this is your opportunity to meet Latin American IB scholars (not to forget the cariocas – the charming inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro), and to start exploring an exciting and magnificent country and continent. For Latin Americans, this is your chance to expand your IB network into Europe as well as other parts of the world. Don’t miss that chance!”

Bent Petersen
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

“I always look forward to the annual EIBA meeting. The EIBA meeting is a perfect blend of academic discussions, featuring of new ideas and social activities – that inspire you and allow you to expand your network. The location in Rio de Janeiro of the 2015 EIBA meeting with PUC-Rio as the local host is a great choice as PUC-Rio combines the same blend of high quality scholarly work with a strong social culture and a collegial environment. Brazil is an emerging country and a very dynamic country that is definitely on the move and I expect this spirit to be reflected in the EIBA meeting in Rio. See you in Rio!”

Torben Pedersen
Bocconi University, Italy
Co-Editor, Global Strategy Journal

“The annual conference of the European International Business Academy (EIBA) is one of the two most important academic conferences in International Business, along with Academy of International Business (AIB) conference. Normally it is always held in Europe and this is the first time it is being held outside Europe. For anybody who is interested in and doing research in any aspect of International Business, this is a golden opportunity to meet the most famous scholars in the field and to participate in high quality discussions. Moreover, for researchers outside Europe, this is a unique opportunity to find collaborations and participation in research projects in their area. EIBA is well-known for the cordial atmosphere and encouragement for PhD students, as there are a couple of doctoral consortiums and a special rate for PhD candidates. It is therefore a must-attend conference for PhD students from all over the world.”

Pervez Ghauri
King’s College, London, UK
Editor-in-Chief, International Business Review, EIBA’s official journal
EIBA Fellow

“Cidade maravilhosa, cheia de encantos mil / Cidade maravilhosa, coração do meu Brasil!” (“Wonderful city, full of thousands of charms / Wonderful city, heart of my Brazil”). The anthem of Rio de Janeiro most certainly does not overstate the charm of Rio de Janeiro. Rio is, in fact, a truly wonderful place. The natural scenery is second to none in the world. Take a look out the window as your flight approaches Rio: you are sure to be overwhelmed by the unfettered green of the foliage and the beautiful blue of the sea. You will gaze upon the ‘morros’ (hills) around Rio, and have a good idea of how blessed Rio’s landscape is!

Rio is not just about amazing beaches (don’t miss Ipanema and Barra) highlighted by wonderful hills… Rio is also about people, culture, joie-de-vivre, and smiles… Of course, as is the case wherever one travels these days, you need to be careful in some areas of Rio; however, the city is now much safer than it was even ten years ago. As a rule, Brazilian people are very friendly and eager to help you in finding a place or to show you a nice spot. I myself have been guided countless times by Brazilians in Rio – they are proud of their city and love to chat with foreigners.

It is best to buy a good guide to Rio – but do not fear getting lost… You will inevitably find some views that you had never imagined. For instance, look at Corcovado in between two skyscrapers in Ipanema – or from a completely different perspective in Santa Teresa. Or walk on the beach, join the groups there, play football or volleyball, and watch how beautiful and agile Brazilian youngsters are… Do not forget to go to Centro (the old part of the city) to feel how busy it is – and how close you are to the early nineteenth century at Praça XV or at the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura. Go to Livraria da Travessa. Don’t miss Jardim Botânico; it is close to PUC, and deserves a no-pressure visit. See what ‘pau brasil’, the tree that gave Brazil its name, looks like.

If possible, devote some time to travelling around Brazil. Salvador, the capital of Bahia, is a must – it is a melting pot, where African traditions still exist. Wonderful atmosphere, and wonderful people. As a Portuguese, I would also recommend to have a look at the traditional 18th century Portuguese architecture, especially around the Pelourinho area.

Allow two days to visit Paraty, close to Rio. Enjoy the beaches, and perhaps rent a boat to visit the islands around. Another tip, requiring less than a half day, is to visit the Museu de Arte Contemporânea (MAC) in Niterói. Marvel at the magnificent building designed by Oscar Niemeyer, and enjoy the splendid views over Rio de Janeiro.

PUC-Rio, the host and venue of the EIBA 2015 conference, enjoys a superb atmosphere both inside and outside. At NUPIN, the Centre of International Business Research, one finds a small group, clustered around Angela da Rocha, Jorge Carneiro and Jorge Ferreira, undertaking very interesting research focusing namely on marketing issues, Born Globals, and Brazilian Multinationals. I have benefited a great deal from undertaking joint research with them. The friendly atmosphere along with the quest for exploring new research avenues more than compensated for my occasional difficulties in finding the location of classrooms (my fault, for sure). Outside, one finds a tropical forest populated by young University students, embodying the great joie-de-vivre characteristics of Brazilian people. I will never forget that wonderful experience…

There is so much to see and enjoy in and around Rio de Janeiro. Do come to EIBA 2015 and combine it with a holiday in Brazil if you can – you will enjoy and never forget this amazing experience!

Vitor Corado Simões
Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
EIBA Fellow