The EIBA 2015 conference will feature two 2-day Research Methods Workshops (RMWs) – one on Quantitative and the other on Qualitative methods. The Workshops will be held in parallel on December 4-5, 2015 (Friday and Saturday), immediately following the conference. Lunch and afternoon coffee breaks will be provided to the participants. A certificate of attendance will be presented to those participants who attend the full two days.

Participants will be expected to come prepared to the workshop, having completed the pre-course readings, which will be available for download after enrolling in the workshop.

A limited number of 30 participants maximum will be accepted for each RMW (with an appropriate balance between PhD students and faculty), and participants will be accepted on a “first-registered, first-served” basis.  A participant may register for only one RMW (as the two events are running in parallel).

Only delegates that are registering for the EIBA 2015 conference can also register for one of the two RMWs. However, there will be an additional registration fee (€400 euros for regular participants and €250 euros for PhD students), on top of the EIBA 2015 conference fee, for each RMW. Registration for the Workshop can be done on the same form as the registration for the 41st EIBA Annual Conference.

Quantitative Research Methods Workshop

The Quantitative Research Methods Workshop will cover issues related to measurement and scaling. This intensive seminar seeks to familiarize participants with the various stages associated with the construction of sound measures for use in empirical research, highlighting key decisions and potential problems at each stage. The seminar is designed for non-experts and its target audience includes doctoral students and academic researchers involved in quantitative research.

Following an introduction to measurement theory, the conceptual underpinnings of alternative measurement perspectives – namely reflective and formative measurement – are discussed. These set the background for discussing operational procedures for developing reflective scales and formative indices, and for offering detailed guidelines for measure validation. To enable participants to experience measure development “in action”, the various issues are illustrated with concrete examples drawn from the literature. The seminar assumes previous knowledge of data analysis and basic multivariate statistics; ideally, participants should have already completed an introductory structural equations modelling (SEM) course.

Adamantios Diamantopoulos Vienna
The Quantitative Research Methods Workshop will be conducted by Professor Adamantios Diamantopoulos, Ph.D., D.Litt.Prof. Diamantopoulos holds the Chair of International Marketing at the University of Vienna, Austria. He is also Visiting Professor at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Visiting Research Professor at Loughborough University, UK, and Senior Fellow at the Dr. Theo and Friedl Schoeller Research Center for Business & Society, Nuremburg, Germany. During the academic year 2012/13, he was the “Joseph A. Schumpeter Fellow” at Harvard University. His main research interests are in international marketing and research methodology, and he is the author of some 200 publications in these areas. His work has appeared in: Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Service Research, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Retailing, MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, and Journal of Business Research – among other publications. He has presented his research at some 150 international conferences and been the recipient of several Best Paper Awards, the most recent being the 2013 Hans B. Thorelli Award for the article published in Journal of International Marketing that has made the most significant and long-term contribution to international marketing theory or practice. He sits on the Editorial Review Boards of a dozen academic journals, and acts as a referee for several professional associations and funding bodies. In 2000, he was elected Fellow of the British Academy of Management.
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Qualitative Research Methods Workshop

The Qualitative Research Methods Workshop will suit the needs of PhD students or researchers who are undertaking their first project using qualitative research methods. It is designed to introduce participants to the main phases and decisions involved in a qualitative research project:

  • Shaping research questions for a qualitative project
  • Deciding on your paradigmatic position and why this matters
  • Choosing a research site
  • Navigating fieldwork relationships
  • Approaches to data analysis
  • Theory development in qualitative research
  • Writing up a qualitative research project

The Qualitative Research Methods Workshop will also introduce participants to resources that will support them in undertaking a qualitative research project, and the session will involve opportunities for hands-on exercises and class discussion. While the workshop will address the latest trends in qualitative research in general, it will place emphasis on the development of qualitative research within the field of international business.

Catherine Welch
The Qualitative Research Methods Workshop will be conducted by Professor Catherine Welch, Ph.D.Catherine Welch is an Associate Professor in International Business at the University of Sydney.She has a longstanding interest in qualitative research methods, and currently her research lies in applying process approaches to the study of firm internationalization. Together with Rebecca Piekkari, she has edited two volumes on qualitative research published by Edward Elgar: Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods for International Business (2004), and Rethinking the Case Study in International Business and Management Research (2011). She has published on numerous aspects of doing qualitative research, including interviewing, writing up, and the case study. She, Rebecca Piekkari and her co-authors have published their on qualitative research in journals such as Organizational Research Methods, Journal of International Business Studies, International Journal of Management Reviews, Management International Review, International Business Review and Industrial Marketing Management. Catherine Welch has taught PhD-level courses on the case study in six countries.
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